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J.T. LEHTONEN To Release New Single “Cause & Effect”, Out Dicember 8th, Teaser Available!



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J.T. LEHTONEN To Release New Single “Cause & Effect”, Out Dicember 8th, Teaser Available!

Finnish long running musician and songwriter J.T. LEHTONEN will release a new single “Cause & Effect” on Dicember 8th, available on the most common streaming services! Today he’s revealed a teaser video, watch it below.

J.T. stated:
“Dear friends, we have finally finished the J.T. Lehtonen’s new single “Cause and Effect” and it will be released in streaming services at december 8th. This single is a kind of a story about annoying people who might drive others to grab a bottle, the title tries to desrcibe this chain of situations. Despite the story, the music itself is a sort of getback to my roots and it is pure real played music without any tricks. Due to several reasons, this took quite a long time to finalize, but now my friends; I am very happy to tell you that here it is! I really do hope that you like it!

After this single I’m going to renew the whole studio and after I’ve learned to use the new system, I’ll continue with a new music. Then the new target is full album with new and hopefully better sound! Let’s see how long it takes this time… my first album “Land Of Dust” took about six years!”

Watch ‘Cause & Effect’ -teaser video here:

Cause & Effect’ is written, recorded, mixed and mastered by J.T.Lehtonen.
Song arrangement by J.T.Lehtonen and Peter Grip. Coverart by Sami Lehtonen and J.T.Lehtonen

J.T. LEHTONEN Line-up:
Peter Grip on drums
J.T.Lehtonen on guitars, bass and vocals

More information at

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