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CRAWLING CHAOS: Italian death metallers premiere new album “XLIX” at No Clean Singing!



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Italian death metallers CRAWLING CHAOS will release their new album “XLIX” on November 20th 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

On the eve of the official release, No Clean Singing is hosting an advance stream of the album. Listen to “XLIX” AT THIS LOCATION!

Last week, the following media partners hosted an exclusive stream of the new single “Ishnigarrab, Or The Awful Offspring Of The Goat”:

Metal Roos (AUS)
Metal Addicts (BA)
Grimm Gent (BE)
Deaf Forever (DE)
Friedhof (ES)
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Metalitalia (IT)
Arrow Lords of Metal (NL) (NO)
Dargedik (PE)
Kvlt (PL)
World of Metal (PT)
The Razors Edge (UK)
Metal Bite (US)

The record’s opening track, “My Golden Age”, is still streaming AT THIS LOCATION.

“XLIX”, a concept album loosely based on “The Prince”, the renown book written by Niccolò Machiavelli in the XVI century, was mixed and produced by renown Italian producer Simone Mularoni.

Devotees of influential modern death metal merchants like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance and Decapitated have a new band to champion.

“XLIX” tracklist:

01. My Golden Age
02. The Prince Is Here
03. Block And A Bloody Knife
04. 49th, Or The Law Of Desperation
05. Ishnigarrab, Or The Awful Offspring Of The Goat
06. Covered In Debris
07. Doom Of Babylonia

CRAWLING CHAOS was founded in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. In January 2009, the band released its first home-recorded EP, “Goatsuckers”. Even if the EP got many positive reviews by the metal media, it was just an appetizer mainly distributed for promotional purposes.

In the following years, the band plunged deep in the writing process of new music. In December 2012, the band recorded its first full-length, “Repellent Gastronomy”, at Domination Studios. Produced and mixed by Simone Mularoni, the album was released on November 2013 via Memorial Records.

In the wake of “Repellent Gastronomy”’s great reception, a work praised by many international metal webzines, the band’s live activity took off: between 2013 and 2016, CRAWLING CHAOS played dozens of gigs all around Italy supporting international acts such as Suffocation, The Monolith Deatchult, Havok, Skeletonwitch, Hideous Divinity, Necrosy, Dark Lunacy and more.

In December 2019, the band re-entered the studio in order to record its second full-length, “XLIX”, a concept album inspired by Machiavelli’s notorious book “The Prince”. Once again, the record was mixed and produced by Simone Mularoni.

Watch for new details, singles and more news on other upcoming activities to be posted shortly.

Line up:

Manuel Guerrieri – “MG” – Guitars, Vocals
Andrea Velli – “Shub” – Guitars, Backing Vocals
William Leardini – “Will” – Fretless Bass
Edoardo Velli – “Yog” – Drums

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