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Ameslari releases “Everything At Once”



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The singer, songwriter and keyboardist Ameslari releases this Friday (13th) “Everything at Once”, an unprecedented song that will be the first of the four singles that precede the release of his second album, which promises to impact listeners with sensitive lyrics that portray the trajectory and feelings of the artist out of the spotlight, all with a very eclectic sound.

Musically heavy and full of emotions, the single comes with a different proposal than the singer had presented on his first album – “City Stories”, from 2019. Even at a young age (22 years old), AMESLARI stands out with a bag of musical styles that , in this release, intertwine and result in a record full of references, which include Hard Rock, 80’s Pop Rock, Electronic Pop and even Disco.

“The single was composed during the quarantine and speaks about the difficulties of maturing and facing life, with all the pressure and all the fears that it generates”, portrays the artist, looking forward to the release.

Together with a lyric video produced in conjunction with Rafael Vilas Boas, the single’s cover, painted by the artist himself, presents a mixture of metaphors and chaotic emotions, which seek to portray the feelings that come with the transition to adulthood and all uncertainties that reflect in their new artistic phase.


Despite being a very personal composition, AMESLARI believes that the launch can bring reflection and assimilation on the part of the public, mainly because it fits very well in the current moment that society lives. “Everything at Once” is also the name chosen for the album, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

In this production, AMESLARI was again accompanied by musicians Thiago Carbonari on drums, Moi Gonzales on guitar, Alessandro Perê on keyboards and Paulo Bass on bass. Thiago Monteiro, Latin Grammy-nominated recording engineer, who had previously been the sound engineer for the first album, this time was also a music co-producer. The work was mixed and mastered by João Milliet, who has worked with great artists such as Sandy, Luisa Sonza and Vitor Kley.




AMESLARI means “dreamer” in Basque, a language unique in the world as it has no deep connections with any other. Bold, independent and authentic like the idols Elton John and Prince, the 22-year-old artist has already produced his first album – “City Stories”, from 2019 – and now works alongside Thiago Monteiro in the production of singles from the second album, scheduled for launch in full in 2021. From eclectic influences and tastes, the singer and songwriter from Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo, always seeks to give his face to the sound it produces and express his feelings through lyrics, making it dance and think.Para mais informações acesse

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